Art Tautz

art-PicArt Tautz obtained Masters and PhD degrees from the University of British Columbia where he studied and published with P.A. Larkin, C.S. Holling, W.E Ricker and Cess Groot.  In 1972 he joined the British Columbia Fish and Wildlife Branch as a research scientist and later became the manager of the Fisheries Research at UBC for over 25 years.  The research section is part of the world recognized Aquatic Ecosystem Research Lab (AERL) which is in part, the latest incarnation of a 60 year collaboration of academics and BC government scientists at UBC.

In addition to his research management responsibilities, Art became the provincial lead for the $40M Federal Provincial Salmonid Enhancement Program (SEP) and served as the BC steelhead coordinator for over a decade.  He oversaw management and research teams responsible for stock monitoring, development of enhancement tools, and a number of pieces of legislation. He worked to create workable policies, regulations and agreements for commercial and recreational fisheries in both marine and freshwater environments.

A recurring theme in Art’s career has been the development of temporal and spatial models supporting decisions made in challenging political environments.  He has served on a variety of ministry information management committees and has supported the development of several innovative systems tools in both the Federal and Provincial governments.  Spatially explicit models of commercial fisheries and their impacts on recreational stocks of steelhead in the Skeena were of particular importance, especially as they related to the development of consensus based tools for management

Later in his career his research interests expanded to include terrestrial and marine information systems, ecological responses to the mountain pine beetle epidemic, and the development of regional hydrology models. Raster based data , visualization tools, and the integration of aquatic conservation values into decision support tools became an extension of his early interests.

More recently, Art has served as an advisor on a wide range of strategic committees and boards, many of which operate at the interface of science and policy.   He has been the co-chair of the Ministry of Environments’ Science Policy committee, a member of the Forest Science Program Board, MOE’s pine beetle response team and the Ministry’s Information Systems Planning Committee.  Other  memberships included the Ecological Reserves Board,  the Inter-ministry Forest Inventory Management Group, and the BC Advisory Group on Provincial Research Policy for Advanced Education.

Art has also served for over a decade on the Federal science review panel, and for many years on project proposal review panels for the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Forest Renewal BC.   He also was a member on two ecoregional planning teams for the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Now retired, Dr Tautz currently retains an advisory role with the Provincial government and holds an adjunct professorship at UBC.   He enjoys sport fishing, most forms of music, mountain biking, travel to Mexico, a spiritual home on Hornby Island, a wife Ann, two daughters and two grandchildren.