Open access data allows for conservation organizations, such as WWF-Canada, to advocate for improvements to the protection of fish and their habitat” – Jacklyn Barrs, Specialist, Ecosystem Restoration, WWF Canada

The Strait of Georgia Data Centre (SGDC) is a collaborative program between the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) and the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, UBC, to build a secure data archive for marine ecosystem information on the Strait of Georgia.

Since 2011, the SGDC has been collecting marine ecosystem data for the Strait of Georgia, and providing these data through this online portal. It is designed to serve as a central data repository, to protect and collate marine ecosystem information for the Strait, and to allow for data sharing and integration.

We continue to work with researchers, community and stewardship groups, First Nations, academics and non-profits to bring their data sets to the SGDC. In 2016 we began development of many mapping products, both static maps, animations and story maps, to allow for visual interpretation and increased visibility to many of the data sets housed in the Strait of Georgia Data Centre.

A visit to the SGDC allows you to access the information you need about the Strait of Georgia marine ecosystem so you can stay informed; simplify data acquisition by exploring the comprehensive SGDC Data Portal; connect with others by learning about their work, utilizing their data, or submitting data of your own; and bring data to life by visualizing it through the SGDC Map Catalogue.

For more information, view our story here. Please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you have data to share!