The Strait of Georgia Data Centre has been supported by grants from the Sitka Foundation. It has benefitted from the advice and assistance of Art Tautz MOE (retired), Terry Curran, IOS (retired), Alistair Blachford (UBC), Brad Mason (DFO), Rob Knight (CMN), Gordon Miller (PBS library, DFO), Sally Taylor (UBC) and many others. We have also had the assistance of Laura Hebert (student, UBC), Franklin Sayre (student, UBC), Sarah Fraser (student, VIU), Heather Wathen (student, VIU), Charles-David Clayton (student, VIU), Jamie Hargreaves (student, UVic), Ianna Folkes (student, McGill), Ben Skinner (GIS), Mathew Vis-Dunbar (Librarian services) and Michael Miller (Miller Videography). Thank you to the ceaseless assistance of our web designer, Nick Murray of Mountain Air Web. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Carrie Rob and Karin Bodtker of the BCMCA, who have provided valuable advice, recommendations and our first major acquisition of data!