Role of the Data Centre

UBC server


Objectives of the Data Centre

  • To identify and obtain information resources relevant to the Strait of Georgia
  • To create a secure archive for the data (bibliographic, data systems, and data files)
  • To create a web-based, open access data system that makes the archived documents and data accessible
  • To provide a map-based display that allows for spatial query of the data system
  • To provide a search capability within the database to allow for a semantic search

Thus the key functions of the Data Centre are to

  • preserve & maintain historical data
  • enable data processing and analysis
  • archive improved / reprocessed data sets (but also keep earlier versions)
  • provide open access to the data  
  • ensure adequate documentation, metadata, and web access

Theoretical Basis

The figure below depicts the theoretical basis for the data centre.

Theoretical basis