Ian Kulin

Director, Marine Operations
Ocean Networks Canada
2474 Arbutus Rd
Victoria, BC
Canada, V8N 1V8

Phone: 250-721-6279

Email: ikulin@uvic.ca

Research area(s):

Area of Expertise:

Ian Kulin joined NEPTUNE Canada in January 2012 as an Associate Director for NEPTUNE Canada. The engineering teams of NEPTUNE and VENUS merged in 2013 and his present position is directing Marine Operations. Work rolls for Ian include heading up the ONC facility at the Marine Technology Center in Sidney, BC as well as the position of Chief Scientist / Expedition Leader on multiple expeditions and maintenance cruises on vessels such as the R/V TG Thompson, R/V JP Tully and D/V JOIDES Resolution. Ian is a graduate of Dalhousie University (TUNS) and a LEEDS Accredited Professional Engineer. He spent the previous five years at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO) as an engineer on Dr. Robert Ballard’s E/V Nautilus team and as Project Manager on the Construction and Commissioning of the Inner Space Center at GSO. GSO work included all Nautilus vessel upgrades, maintenance and future planning as well as development of a new instrument package for the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Prior to working on the Ballard team Ian worked for over 17 years managing various engineering projects in more than ten countries on three continents.

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