Marc Trudel

Research Scientist
Head of Salmon Marine Interactions Section
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
St. Andrews Biological Station
St. Andrews, NB

Phone: 506-529-5844

Fax: 506-529-5862


Research area(s):

  • Fisheries oceanography
  • Juvenile salmon
  • Pacific salmon

Area of Expertise:

Dr. Trudel investigates the juveniles, migration, and populations dynamics of British Columbia’s iconic salmon. He is currently a Research Scientist and Head of the Salmon Marine Interaction Section at the DFO’s St. Andrews Biological Station in New Brunswick.

Previously, Dr. Trudel was a research scientist and the Head of the Salmon Marine Interactions Section at the Pacific Biological Station (Nanaimo, British Columbia) where he conducted research on the marine biology of Pacific salmon for more than ten years. The primary objective of this research program was to understand the effects of ocean conditions and climate on the distribution, migration, growth, and survival of Pacific salmon.

With his collaborators, Dr. Trudel has made significant contributions to advance the understanding of the biology and production of sockeye salmon. His research team showed large differences in the migratory behaviour among different stocks of sockeye salmon, even within a single watershed such as the Fraser River, with long-term coastal residents (i.e. Harrison River sockeye), and slow and fast northern migrants.

Select Presentation(s) / Publication(s):

Beckman, Brian; Trudel, Marc; Journey, Meredith; Perry, R. Ian; Young, Kelly; Galbraith, Moira;  “Matching the growth of juvenile salmon to plankton dynamics in the Salish Sea” (2018). Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. 280.

Journey, Meredith; Trudel, Marc; Neville, Chrys; Beckman, Brian; “Possible mechanisms of small-scale regional variability of juvenile coho salmon growth in the Strait of Georgia” (2018). Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. 283.

Godbout, Lyse; Holt, Carrie; Trudel, Marc; Freshwater, Cameron; O’Brien, Michael; Neville, Chrys; Tucker, Strahan; Grant, Sue; Juanes, Francis; Galbraith, Moira; Perry, Ian; Beamish, Richard;  “Relationship between early marine growth and returning adults of Fraser sockeye salmon” (2018). Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. 166.

Beacham, Terry & Neville, Chrys & Tucker, Strahan & Trudel, Marc. (2017). Is There Evidence for Biologically Significant Size-Selective Mortality of Coho Salmon During the First Winter of Marine Residence?. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 146. 395-407. 10.1080/00028487.2017.1285349.

Tucker, Strahan & Hipfner, Mark & Trudel, Marc. (2015). Size- and condition-dependent predation: A seabird disproportionately targets substandard individual juvenile salmon. Ecology. preprint. 10.1890/15-0564.1.

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