Nathan Furey

Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of New Hampshire
105 Main St, Durham, NH
USA, 03824

Phone: 603-862-0675


Research area(s):

  • Fisheries oceanography
  • Juvenile salmon

Area of Expertise:

Nathan Furey was a Postdoctoral Investigator at UBC until 2018, and now works as an Assistant Biology Professor in the Fish and Movement Ecology Lab at the university of New Hampshire. He is interested in the motivations and consequences of fish movements across spatial and temporal landscapes. Recently, he has focused on the migrations of juvenile salmon smolts and their interactions with predatory bull trout. His work integrates movement ecology, landscape ecology, feeding ecology, and physiology to provide multiple perspectives on ecological phenomena.

Select Presentation(s) / Publication(s):

Hinch, Scott; Furey, Nathan; Stevenson, Christine; Johnstone, Steve; Healy, Steve; Welch, David; Rechisky, Erin; Porter, Aswea; and Miller, Kristi, “Telemetry tracking of salmon smolt migrations through the Salish Sea: examining behaviour, survival and causes of mortality” (2018). Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. 331.

Rechisky, Erin; Porter, Aswea; Welch, David; Stevenson, Christine; Johnston, Stephen; Furey, Nathan; and Hinch, Scott, “Exposure time of juvenile sockeye salmon to Discovery Islands salmon farms” (2018). Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. 343.

Hinch, Scott G; Furey, Nathan B; Healy, Steve J; Welch, David W; Rechisky, Erin L; Porter, Aswea D; Clark, Timothy D; Jeffries, Ken M; “Juvenile salmon smolt migrations through the Salish Sea: routes and survival of sockeye and steelhead” (2016). Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. 31.

Furey, N.B., Hinch, S.G., Mesa, M.G., Beauchamp, D.A. (2016) Piscivorous fish exhibit temperature-influenced binge feeding during an annual prey pulse. Journal of Animal Ecology 85:1307-1317.

Furey, N.B., Hinch, S.G., Bass, A.L., Middleton, C.T., Minke-Martin, V., Lotto, A.G. (2016) Predator swamping reduces predation risk during nocturnal migration of juvenile salmon in a high-mortality landscape. Journal of Animal Ecology 85(4):948-959.

Furey, N.B., Vincent, S.P., Hinch, S.G., Welch, D.W. (2015) Variability in migration routes influences early marine survival of juvenile salmon smolts. PLoS ONE 10(10):e013926

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