Sue Grant

Program Head, Sockeye and Pink Analytical
Fraser River stock assessment
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Unit 3, 100 Annacis Parkway
Delta, BC
Canada V3M 6A2

Phone: 604-666-7270

Fax: 604-666-7112


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Sue Grant is Program Head for Fraser Sockeye and Pink salmon in the Fraser River watershed. In this position she provides science advice on population dynamics, biological status, and forecasts for over 19 salmon stocks.

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Godbout, Lyse; Holt, Carrie; Trudel, Marc; Freshwater, Cameron; O’Brien, Michael; Neville, Chrys; Tucker, Strahan; Grant, Sue; Juanes, Francis; Galbraith, Moira; Perry, Ian; Beamish, Richard; ” Relationship between early marine growth and returning adults of Fraser sockeye salmon” (2018). Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. 166.

Mimeault, C & Wade, J & Foreman, M & C Chandler, P & Aubry, Pascale & A Garver, K & Grant, Sue & Holt, C & Jones, Simon & Johnson, Stewart & Trudel, Marc & Burgetz, Ingrid & J Parsons, G. (2017). Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS) Assessment of the risk to Fraser River Sockeye Salmon due to Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHNV) transfer from Atlantic Salmon farms in the Discovery Islands, British Columbia.

Freshwater, Cameron & Burke, Brian & Scheuerell, Mark & Grant, Sue & Trudel, Marc & Juanes, Francis. (2017). Coherent population dynamics associated with sockeye salmon juvenile life history strategies. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 75. 10.1139/cjfas-2017-0251.

Akenhead, Scott & Irvine, James & Hyatt, Kim & Johnson, Stewart & Michielsens, Catherine & Grant, Sue. (2016). Habitat Manipulations Confound the Interpretation of Sockeye Salmon Recruitment Patterns at Chilko Lake, British Columbia. North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission Bulletin. 6. 391-414. 10.23849/npafcb6/391.414.

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