Wilf Luedke

Area Chief
South Coast Stock Assessment Division
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
3225 Stephenson Point Road
Nanaimo, BC
Canada, V9T 1K3

Phone: 250-756-7222

Email: wilf.luedke@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

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Wilf Luedke works at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans as the Area Chief for South Coast Area Stock Assessment.

Salmon stock assessment can be performed using any of three traditional methods:

  • visual count, either from the land, a tower, boat or by helicopter.
  • enumeration fences.
  • mark and recapture.

New technologies used include sonar (DIDSON- Dual Frequency Identification Sonar) and the Remote Operated Vehicle, which transmits real time video to a computer on the surface.

The high precision techniques such as enumeration fences, DIDSON or mark-recapture studies are used for stocks with expected escapements of 75,000+ (the actual technique is based on local characteristics), and visual surveys are used for stocks with expected escapements of less than 75,000.

Select Presentation(s) / Publication(s):

Hyatt, Kim & Stiff, Howard & Stockwell, Margot & Luedke, Wilf & P Rankin, D & Dobson, D & Till, J. (2015). A Synthesis of Adult Sockeye Salmon Migration and Environmental Observations for the Somass Watershed, 1974-2012. Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences: 3115.

Beacham, Terry & D. Le, Khai & Raap, Monique & Hyatt, Kim & Luedke, Wilf & E. Withler, Ruth. (2000). Microsatellite DNA variation and estimation of stock composition of sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka, in Barkley Sound, British Columbia. Fishery Bulletin. 98.

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