If you use figures from this atlas, you can cite their source as:

More detailed technical information about the methods and background of the program are provided in

and this is probably a better reference for methodological information.


Other Publications

Some papers that use the CitSci data for other scientific purposes include:

  • S.W. Stevens, R. Pawlowicz, S.E. Allen, 2021, A study of the intermediate water circulation in the Strait of Georgia using tracer-based, Eulerian, and Lagrangian methods, Journal of Physical Oceanography 51 (6) 1875-1893,
  • S. Esenkulova, K. Suchy, R. Pawlowicz, M. Costa, and I. Pearsall, Harmful Algae and Oceanographic Conditions in the Strait of Georgia, Canada, Based on Citizen Science Monitoring,  Frontiers in Marine Science, 09 September 2021,


Zooplankton data is further described in:

  • Mackas D, Galbraith M, Faust D, Masson D, Young K, Shaw W, et al., 2013. Zooplankton time series from the Strait of Georgia: Results from year-round sampling at deep water locations, 1990-2010, Progress in Oceanography ;115: 129–159.
  • Perry, R.I., Young, K., Galbraith, M., Chandler, P., Velez-Espino, A., Baillie, S.m , 2021. Zooplankton variability in the Strait of Georgia, Canada, and relationships with the marine survivals of Chinook and Coho salmon , PLoS ONE. 16(1): e0245941.


  • Spring/2021:  Web Atlas first created
  • Spring/2022:  Added sections on Zooplankton, and incorporated data from Burrard Inlet (region 12).
  • Spring/2023: Developed seasonal climatologies by averaging over 2015-2022, as well as red/blue seasonal climatalogy anomaly figures to better indicate the year-to-year changes in oceanographic conditions.
  • Spring/2024: Added additional data sources from Nanaimo area and in southern Gulf Islands/Puget Sound. Further developed links to climate indicators.