Time Series Data with Fraser River Flow

Harmful Algae time series

Here we show concentrations of Alexandrium spp., Chaetoceros convolutus and concavicorne, Dictyocha spp., Dinophysis spp., Heterosigma akashiwo, Rhizosolenia setigera, and Pseudo-nitzschia spp. as time series at each location, for all years.

In these figures, data for each station are plotted horizontally at the time of sampling, at a vertical location that coincides with its location in the map at left. Some stations (e.g., from Cowichan Bay) have been offset vertically to avoid confusing them with other locations.

Locations which were sampled but at which no HA were seen are marked by small black dots.  Otherwise concentrations are indicated by the size and colour of the markers.

Oceanographic conditions in the Strait are seasonally affected by freshwater inflow, and the blue line at the bottom  indicates the flow of the Fraser River at Hope, which is the major source of freshwater to the Strait.